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Dirty Babe!

You See These Shackles Baby, I'm Your Slave!

I'm Victoria, although I go by Blaze. I live in Scotland, in the United Kingdom and I'm 20. I'm starting my third year of University in September, and I'll be moving back to the Capital then as well.

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

I've become rather obcessive with Angel the Series, and I've also started putting my writing skills to the test with ficlets and the such for the comm. As such - most of my journal is open to the public so that I can link all comm links to my original post; however most will be of a strong rating. Most posts will be something to do with a comm such as the Covenant, Grey's Anatomy or Angel.

by chian
Made by the wonderful shanmara

by dark_amia
Made by the amazing dark_amia

I have some friends only posts - and that is likely for a good reason.

Thanks to gossymer over at noveltybox for the layout, to the amazing caelith for my new header, and to the talented cozzybob for putting everything in!